Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture

Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture

What Is Acne?

Acne vulgaris, the most common type of acne, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease affecting hair follicles, sebaceous glands and ducts. It occurs on the face in 99% of those affected and, less often, on the back and chest.

Common features of acne include overproduction of oil (sebum); thickening of the follicle, which can lead to blockage and accumulation of oil to form non-inflamed lesions called comedones; colonization of the ducts by bacteria type acne; and inflamed lesions (e.g. papules, pustules, inflamed nodules, pus-filled cysts) that may be superficial or deep. Scarring can result from abnormal wound healing following inflammatory damage.

Approximately 15 percent of people have chronic acne. The condition usually starts in adolescence and frequently resolves by the mid-20s. Severe cases can persist for 12 years or longer. Acne can have an impact on psychological well-being. The exact cause of acne is unknown, but androgen secretion is the major trigger for adolescent acne.

Conventional treatments include topical products containing azelaic acid or benzoyl peroxide for mild acne, topical or oral antibiotics, topical or oral retinoids and, for women, pills containing anti-androgens.

Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture: Research Supports Our Results

A systematic review of research has shown that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of acne, and possibly better than routine western medicine. In one randomized controlled trial, acupuncture treatment of moderate acne was associated with reduction of inflammatory lesions and improvement of the quality of life.

In another, acupuncture treatment improved the outcomes similarly to that of using the drug Accutane, but of course with the benefit of no side effects. Finally, one trial found acupuncture to have good effect in the treatment of acne.

In general, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of neurochemical messenger molecules. The resulting biochemical changes influence the body’s ability to stay in balance, promoting physical and emotional well-being. Stimulation of certain acupuncture points has been shown to affect areas of the brain that are known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress.

Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture: Our Experience

We have had great success treating acne in our clinic. When you come in for treatment we evaluate your condition and create a treatment plan that will best address your acne. No two cases are exactly the same, and our treatments are customized to reflect your needs.

If you suffer from acne, try acupuncture. You can book an appointment online right from our website. Or feel free to call us at 303-828-6522 or 720-388-0386. We look forward to hearing from you.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we treat acne with acupuncture.

Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture
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Acne Reduced Best Denver Acupuncture
Acne reduced best Denver Acupuncture. Research shows acupuncture most effective reducing acne, better than Western medicine, with no side effects.
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