Anxiety Program With Acupuncture Best Treatment

Anxiety Program Acupuncture

The anxiety program at Acupuncture Associates of Denver is unique and provides great results for people suffering from anxiety. This three-month program can be life-changing, breaking the cycle of anxiety, and helping you live a more fulfilled life.

Patients in our anxiety program receive acupuncture three times a week for three months. In this time brain patterns are altered, internal imbalances are corrected, and the cycle of anxiety can be dramatically reduced.

How Does Anxiety Program Work?

The acupuncture anxiety program focuses on healing the heart. In Chinese medicine, anxiety is an imbalance involving the heart. This does NOT mean that someone suffering from anxiety has a heart condition from a Western medical perspective. Chinese medicine attributes emotional imbalances to different organs, and anxiety is associated with the heart.

Sometimes anxiety is linked to deficiency in heart qi. Other times it is associated with excess heat in the heart. These are all imbalances classically associated with anxiety. There are other possible triggers for anxiety as well. When you first come for treatment we will conduct a comprehensive intake and exam which allows us to properly identify the particular causes of your anxiety.

Once we have a clear understanding of what is causing your anxiety, the anxiety program focuses on creating a treatment plan to address your specific imbalances. Over the course of the anxiety program, these imbalances will be corrected and your body will be able to function normally. This will naturally cause your anxiety to be reduced and potentially resolved.

Anxiety Program Extra Benefits

Each time you are treated for anxiety, in addition to correcting imbalances associated with your imbalance, you will also be brought into a deep state of relaxation. This is a critical part of the anxiety program, enabling your body to “learn” how to feel without anxiety. The acupuncture sessions are helping to create a new habit of living without anxiety, which you will take with you into the world when you leave.

Reprogramming the body and mind to have less anxiety is an important feature of our anxiety program, one that is unique and highly effective. It is a central part of our holistic approach to treating anxiety.

Next Step: What Should You Do?

If you suffer from anxiety, make an appointment to see us. Together we can determine the best course of treatment for you. You will start feeling better almost immediately, so don’t wait. If you are currently taking medications for anxiety or depression, that’s fine. Acupuncture will not interfere with the medications. Once you are feeling better you can discuss reducing your medications with your doctor.

Our fees are very reasonable. You can pay weekly as you go. In addition, we are in-network with all the major insurance companies that cover acupuncture. We can check if your plan covers.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we treat anxiety with acupuncture.

Anxiety Program With Acupuncture Best Treatment
Article Name
Anxiety Program With Acupuncture Best Treatment
Anxiety program with acupuncture changes brain function, reducing daily anxiety to live more fulfilled life. Safe, no side effects, long lasting results.

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