Blood Sugar Study: Acupuncture Helps Diabetes

Blood Sugar

Acupuncture does not cure diabetes, but it helps lower blood sugar levels and helps diabetics with their blood sugar control. Every diabetic knows how difficult it is to manage their blood sugar levels. It’s infuriating that you can do everything right and still test either too high or too low at any given time during the day.

New Blood Sugar Study

A new research study finds that acupuncture lowers elevated blood sugar levels related to obesity and diabetes. A laboratory experiment using obese diabetic rats incorporated electro-acupuncture applied to the acupuncture points CV12 and CV4. The experimental model was compared with two other groups. A control group received no acupuncture and another group received acupuncture at a point called ST36. The groups receiving acupuncture at ST36 and the control group receiving no acupuncture did not show significant changes in blood sugar levels. The group receiving acupuncture at CV4 and CV12 showed significantly lower blood sugar levels. The researchers concluded that electro-acupuncture applied to CV4 and CV12 “was effective in lowering baseline blood sugar and modulating the change in blood sugar.”

Diabetic Neuropathy Study

Another recent study showed that acupuncture significantly reduces diabetic neuropathy, a condition involving symptoms such as numbness, tingling, electrical sensations and pain in the extremities. The study showed that human patients taking medications improved only 37% but patients receiving medications combined with acupuncture treatments improved at a 90% rate. This finding supports the integrative medicine model of patient care where the combined effects of therapies delivers better patient outcomes than either as a standalone therapy.

The neuropathy study used acupuncture point CV4 as did the previous laboratory experiment showing the blood glucose lowering effects of electro-acupuncture. This acupuncture point is located on the midline, approximately 3 inches below the belly button. CV4 nourishes and stabilizes the Kidney, regulates Qi and restores Yang. CV4 is the intersection of the 3 leg Yin channels. Historically, it is called the Gate of Origin and is also referred to as the Sea of Qi and Gate of Life.

According to Chinese medicine, this point has a powerful effect on nourishing and strengthening the body. There is a long history in Chinese Medicine and modern clinical usage for using this acupuncture point for diabetes related conditions including lack of urinary control, impotence, painful urination), retention of urine and kidney related disorders. This acupuncture point is one of the main strengthening points in Chinese Medicine and is given the function of strengthening the original Qi (energy) and benefitting the Jing (essence).

If you have diabetes and are looking for better blood sugar control, come in and give acupuncture a try. If you have neuropathy, you should also try acupuncture. CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we treat neuropathy.

Blood Sugar Study: Acupuncture Helps Diabetes
Article Name
Blood Sugar Study: Acupuncture Helps Diabetes
Blood sugar study shows acupuncture brings better control, better health for diabetes patients. No side effects, cost effective, improves long term health.

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