Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best!

If you live in Centennial, Englewood, Parker or Littleton, we want to let you know that Acupuncture Associates is here in your neck of the woods providing acupuncture for your healthcare needs. We are located in the Denver Tech Center, close to I-25 and Belleview. It is no exaggeration to say that Centennial Acupuncture resolves pain best. Acupuncture is a proven medical system for resolving all types of pain, from back to neck pain, sciatica to plantar fasciitis, the emotional pain of depression to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best – How It Works

Acupuncture works so well to resolve pain because it opens blocked channels. Chinese medicine recognizes most pain as blocked energy, what we call Qi stagnation in the channels. Acupuncture, correctly applied, opens blocked channels. And when we do, pain is resolved.

Let’s say you have back pain. Acupuncture can resolve this pain by opening blocked channels in the lower back. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, the treatment would open blocked channels in the neck and shoulders. Every treatment is different, depending on the type of pain you have, how long you have had it, and its intensity.

In addition, acupuncture works on multiple levels at the same time. It not only unblocks channels, it also helps restore normal muscle function for muscles in spasm. It speeds the healing of torn tendons and ligaments. It improves blood circulation to limbs that are chronically painful, numb or burning. And it does all of these things naturally, with no medicines, and no side effects.

Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best – What To Expect

When you come for treatment, the first thing we will do is evaluate your health condition. We will then make a Chinese medicine diagnosis and create an acupuncture treatment plan. On your very first visit you will receive a complete acupuncture treatment. We want to start your healing process as soon as possible. The treatments themselves are very relaxing. Many of our patients fall asleep during their session. Afterwards you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Don’t wait another day. Book an appointment online today. Just click on the BOOK NOW button at the top of this page. If you prefer, call us and we will schedule an appointment for you. We look forward to treating you.

Click on the practitioner name to watch a short video about Dr. Jade and Dr. Mark.

Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best!
Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best!
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Centennial Acupuncture Resolves Pain Best!
Centennial Acupuncture resolves pain best! Back, neck, shoulder, sciatica, leg, foot pain fast relief. IBS, insomnia, anxiety, depression treated naturally.
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