Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment

Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment

Do you find yourself sick all the time, getting cold after cold all winter long? There’s a reason for it, and acupuncture can help. There is sickness in the air, so to speak, all the time. Cold virus is everywhere. If you are getting sick often it means your immune system is weak. Acupuncture can boost your immune system, allowing you to travel through the swirls of cold virus without succumbing to them.

Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment – How It Works

A weakened immune system can give you lots of trouble. The good news is that Chinese medicine can strategically strengthen your immune system. There is a type of Qi (energy) in Chinese medicine called Wei Qi that is responsible for keeping your immune system strong. By stimulating certain acupuncture points on the body, we can increase your Wei Qi, which in turn will strengthen your immune system.

Once this is done, you will no longer get frequent colds. In fact, you will stay healthy most of the time. The treatments to boost your immune system will vary from patient to patient. When you come for treatment the first time we will conduct an intake exam that will identify the specific areas of your health that are causing a weak immune system. Your treatment will focus on addressing these needs.

The Denver Acupuncture chronic cold relief treatment not only helps people suffering from frequent colds. Many illnesses can be addressed and corrected with acupuncture. Some of these conditions include frequent sinus infections, frequent bladder infections, frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation, frequent migraines and frequent panic attacks. While all of these conditions have different root causes and require different treatment, they all can be resolved with acupuncture.

If you are struggling with frequent colds, come in for acupuncture. Break the cycle of illness once and for all. Find out a little bit about our providers. Click on their names and watch a short video about them. Dr. Jade and Dr. Mark. We look forward to treating you!

Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment
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Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment
Denver Acupuncture Chronic Cold Relief Treatment breaks cycle of constant colds by strengthening your immune system. Safe, no side effects, lasting results.
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