Feeling Cold All The Time?

Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment

The Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment is your antidote for feeling cold all the time in winter. As the first cold front reaches us, come in for treatment to boost your body’s ability to keep warm.

Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment: How It Works

If you have been feeling cold more than usual this winter, chances are your blood circulation is a bit sluggish. This will affect hands and feet, but also the whole body. Sluggish blood circulation is not dangerous, but it is annoying. No one likes feeling cold all the time.

Acupuncture is a great way to get the blood circulation better, all the way down to the hands and feet. Here’s how it works. There are specific acupuncture points that get our Qi moving. Qi is the energy force we use in Chinese medicine to heal the body. We all have Qi. It’s what keeps us alive! You can’t see it, but you can feel Qi move in the body. In fact, when you come in for a treatment, you will experience the Qi sensation.

Qi is what moves the blood. So the best way to improve blood circulation is to get the Qi flowing. There are so many things that can cause our Qi to stagnate. When you come in we will identify the reasons your Qi is not flowing optimally. Your treatment will correct this and get it moving again. Once it does, your blood will start circulating better.

And once your blood flow is better, you will naturally feel warmer. Your body, limbs, hands and feet will all feel more warm and happy. Not only that, you will be healthier as well, because good flowing Qi and blood keep us more healthy. As a final bonus, when you come in, we will boost your immune system. That’s something we always do during cold and flu season for all patients.

So if you’re feeling cold, give us a call. We’ll give you an acupuncture tune-up and get your Qi and blood flowing well again. Just ask for our Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold treatment!

We don’t have a video made yet describing the Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment, however we have one on how we treat stress. Stress is caused by Qi stagnation, a similar cause of feeling cold. It will give you a sense about how we work and how acupuncture works. CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we treat stress and move Qi.

Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment
Article Name
Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment
Denver Acupuncture Feeling Cold Treatment warms you up to face the cold winter months ahead. Improves circulation, generates warmth inside all winter long.

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