Denver Acupuncture Flexible Treatment Options

Denver Acupuncture Flexible Treatment Options

You may be thinking about getting acupuncture, but circumstances seem to make it impossible. For example, one of my patients is a single mom with a seven month old. She works from home and does not have daycare. Nor does she have family nearby. But she does have neck and back pain. How can she manage to get acupuncture in this situation?

No worries. Denver Acupuncture flexible treatment options allow you to get the treatments you need regardless of your situation or circumstances. Here’s what we did for our single mom.

Case of the Hard Working Single Mom

Alexandria (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) has the most beautiful seven month old son. For the purposes of this article we will call him Sam. Alexandria started coming to us for treatment before she gave birth, first for back pain, and later for labor induction. Both treatments were successful, and she wanted to continue acupuncture.

However, there were logistical challenges. As a single mom with no family nearby and no daycare, Alexandria had no one to watch Sam while she came for treatment. She was working full time from home, raising Sam, keeping the household thriving, cooking for them, taking them out for daily exercise, and doing an amazing job raising her son. But how was she going to get her acupuncture? Luckily we offer Denver Acupuncture flexible treatment options for situations just like this one.

Right after Sam was born we sat down and discussed our options. Clearly Alexandria would have to bring Sam to her treatments. At this point he was just a month old, and she carried him around in a front carrier. She lived nearby, and wanted to combine her treatments with a walk from her home to get fresh air. We scheduled her first appointment, post-delivery, not knowing how exactly it would work out, but feeling confident we would come up with something!

Once she arrived, with Sam in tow, Alexandria said she felt most comfortable standing during the treatment. That way she could continue to hold Sam, and even feed him if need be, during the treatment. This worked out nicely since she wanted me to treat her back and neck anyway. The treatment worked well. She felt comfortable standing, Sam was happy being held, and the acupuncture did it’s job opening channels, loosening tight muscles, and nourishing her Qi and Blood (Chinese medicine concepts).

As the weeks passed, we made different adjustments to the treatment. Most recently, now that Sam is mobile and much more active, I’ve started treating Alexandria sitting down on the floor, with Sam also sitting on the floor where he can crawl around and keep himself busy with toys, and she can keep an eye on him. Mom still gets a back treatment, and son is happy.

Denver Acupuncture Flexible Treatment Options – What To Expect

While most of our patients lie on a treatment table for their acupuncture, many patients take advantage of the opportunity to be treated in a chair, in a recliner, and as with Alexandria, standing or even sitting on the floor. As long as the patient is comfortable and safe, acupuncture can happen.

What are you waiting for? If you have a situation keeping you from getting the acupuncture you need, call and let’s discuss the Denver Acupuncture flexible treatment options best for you. We look forward to treating you!

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Denver Acupuncture Flexible Treatment Options
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Denver Acupuncture Flexible Treatment Options
Denver Acupuncture flexible treatment options help you get the treatment you need regardless of your situation or physical limitation. Safe, lasting relief.
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