Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress Treatment

Today’s blog post is personal! We are moving our office this Thursday. And if it were not for acupuncture, I would be stressed! On the surface, moving does not seem like such a big deal. Especially when you are not moving to a new city. But it sure triggers all sorts of stressors. If you have recently moved to Denver, are in the process of moving, or are even just anticipating a move, come in for the Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress treatment. It will make a world of difference, not only emotionally, but physically as well.

Moving Causes Emotional and Physical Stress

Our sense of well being comes in large part from our routines. We get up in the morning, have our morning rituals, and start our day. We go to work, school, or activities, knowing what to expect, and anticipating what to expect. Now granted, some of us face chaos on a daily basis. But in these cases, chaos is expected, and we are ready for it.

Moving derails this process of routine. It puts us out of our element. If we are moving to a new city, everything is in complete disarray. If it is a move from one location to another in the same city, it is less stressful, but not free from stress. There is the move itself, filled with a thousand details to coordinate. That is followed by setting up new structures and systems. Changing jobs falls into this category as well. In this case, you are moving your work. New place, new people, new responsibilities.

And the stress is not just emotional. It also affects us physically. We are more prone to get sick because the stress wears down our immune system. Worry impacts our sleep, so we are not physically at our best. Let alone the issue of packing and carrying boxes and furniture. That can cause trouble for our backs!

Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress Treatment – How It Works

This treatment meets you where you are. In my case, the acupuncture I have been getting over the past few weeks in preparation for this office move has focused on lowering my stress levels and strengthening my back. Although we have hired movers to do the heavy lifting, packing and setting up for the move inevitably taxes the body.

So many people are moving to Denver these days. As a consequence, a high number of our new patients have just moved here from somewhere else. While they come to acupuncture for different reasons, we inevitably address issues regarding the stresses of their recent move.

If you are facing a move, or have recently moved, come in for the Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress treatment. We will identify and address your specific needs, and you will end up feeling so much better. You can book an appointment online right from this website. Or if you prefer, give us a call and we will schedule an appointment for you. We look forward to treating you!

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Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress Treatment
Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress Treatment
Article Name
Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress Treatment
Denver Acupuncture Moving Stress treatment helps reduce emotional and physical stress of moving, relocating and adjusting to a new place.
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