Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment Helps

Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment

Are you running scared? Fear is real. It can strike at any time. We often fear losing things. This can include losing a job, losing a relationship (with partner, spouse, friend, grown child), losing a house or car, or losing someone’s trust. We can be fearful for our health, either from a confirmed threat (like a bad diagnosis) or an unconfirmed threat (feeling sick or in pain without knowing what is causing it).

We may be in fear from a real danger or a perceived one, from someone who had threatened us, from living in a dangerous neighborhood, or from having a job that involves danger. Finally, we can have fear simply due to the nature of the world we live in – fear of terrorism, fear of war, fear of what the next president might do or not do. For all of these situations, the Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment can help.

Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment – Breaking Down The Problem

There are plenty of reasons to be fearful. When there is a real threat, fear can stir us into action to protect ourselves. That’s a good thing. But beyond that, just feeling afraid is not particularly good for our health. Fear wears us down, weakens our immune system, and makes us vulnerable to sickness and disease.

That is why we developed the Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment. We use acupuncture to boost your internal courage mechanism. We all have innate courage. It’s just that sometimes this mechanism gets weakened. Acupuncture strengthens our courage, just like it can strengthen our digestive or immune system. Once your courage is increased, your fear will naturally diminish. You will be able to take the actions necessary to protect yourself, and will let go of the fears.

Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment – How It Works

In Chinese medicine, each of the major organs corresponds to a different emotion. For example, liver is associated with anger, lungs with grief, spleen with worry. Fear is associated with Kidney function. So to reduce fear, we use acupuncture to boost Kidney energy.

When you come in for treatment, we will identify the specific aspects of Kidney function that you need strengthened. Your treatments will boost your Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, Kidney Qi or Kidney Essence depending on your needs. Specific acupuncture points affect each of these aspects of Kidney strength.

In addition, during your intake exam we will see if there are any significant imbalances in your organ function as a whole. If so, we will select additional points to correct these imbalances. Just like tuning a car, when your organs are in balance you will feel better and be more effective in all aspects of your life.

The Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment will allow you to face your fears head on, take the actions you need to take, and let go of lingering fears that do not serve you. We look forward to treating you!

Click on the practitioner names to watch a short video about them. Dr. Jade and Dr. Mark.

Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment Helps
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Denver Acupuncture Running Scared Treatment Helps
Denver Acupuncture running scared treatment helps overcome fear, boost courage, and help manage difficult situations. Safe, long lasting results.
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