Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatment

Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatment

Looks like we got a foot of snow last night. Schools are delayed, the roads look bad, and the driveway needs to be shoveled. You drink your morning coffee, put on your boots, and head down to the garage. Half an hour later the cars are cleared of snow and the driveway looks pretty good. You’re ready to start your day. Or are you? What’s that nagging pain in your back that wasn’t there when you got up? That’s right. It’s from shoveling all that snow. You pop some ibuprofen, but you know that’s not going to be enough. You start to panic. “How am I going to get through this week with my back out?” Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. The Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain treatment will fix your back in one treatment. Pick up the phone, come on in this afternoon, and we’ll get you back on track!

Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatment – How It Works

It is so easy to injure your back when shoveling snow. It’s early in the morning when your back is not warmed up. You still have that stiffness from laying in bed all night. The whole ergonomic thing with snow and shovels is a mess. There’s just no good way to move snow without stressing your back. Even snow blowers are difficult to navigate. They are heavy and cumbersome.

So your back inevitably gets stressed. The muscles tighten up and spasm. The result is pain. Just when you don’t need it. Acupuncture is the perfect antidote. It relaxes those tight muscles and releases muscle spasms. Getting treatment right away will bring better, faster relief. That’s why if you come in the same day, or the day after the episode, you will probably only need one treatment. Acupuncture for your back spasm is like pressing the reset button, allowing everything to release immediately.

So if you’re waking up today in Denver, or any day in the future with snow that needs to be moved around, and you end up injuring your back in the process, give us a call. Or book an appointment right now online. We can always fit you in on a snow day because we inevitably get cancellations when the weather is bad. Our older patients often don’t feel comfortable driving in bad weather. So there is always room to handle at least a few Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatments!

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we resolve back pain with acupuncture.

Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatment
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Denver Acupuncture Shoveling Snow Back Pain Treatment
Denver Acupuncture shoveling snow back pain treatment best to resolve acute back pain. One treatment gets you better. Safe, long lasting results.
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