Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story

Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story

If you are struggling with stop smoking, here’s a story that may encourage you. Sally (not her real name) came in earlier this month wanting to stop smoking. She loved smoking after dinner, with a glass of wine, to help her unwind and relax after a stressful day. Her husband was also a smoker, and they wanted to stop together, at the same time, to support each other. What has ensued over the past month is a classic Denver Acupuncture stop smoking success story.

Our stop smoking program tackles smoking cessation from multiple angles. We reduce the nicotine addiction using ear needles with something called the NADA protocol. This specific application of ear needles was developed in the 1960’s to help heroin addicts break their addiction. It’s pretty powerful stuff. And very effective for breaking the nicotine addiction.

We also evaluate each patient to identify the specific support they need for their mind, body and spirit as they start the challenging process of smoking cessation. Acupuncture points address physical cravings, emotional stresses and other issues that typically arise. For example, many people find that after they stop smoking they begin craving sweets. We have a solution for that with acupuncture. Other people find themselves feeling very irritable when they stop smoking. Acupuncture addresses that issue as well, easing emotional stress and agitation.

Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story

Sally and her husband both participated in our stop smoking program. They stopped smoking cold turkey, and have been doing great. The nicotine addiction was strong, but the ear needles helped them along. Cravings for sweets were up, but they have been managing those cravings fairly well.

Their stress levels have also been higher. That’s understandable, given that smoking was one of their big stress relievers. However, regular acupuncture during this time has helped them manage stress and come up with new ways to relieve their stress. For example, they now take walks after dinner, which has become a pretty good substitute for their evening glass of wine and cigarettes. In addition, we have taught them breathing techniques that have been very useful to reduce stress all through the day.

They have been without cigarettes for almost a month and are holding fast. In the process they are rediscovering things like subtle smells and tastes that were hidden to them when smoking. As issues arise, the Denver Acupuncture stop smoking program helps them overcome these issues and keep them on track.

Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story – What You Can Do

Easing the body out of smoking and into a smoke-free life is within everyone’s reach. The critical factor is making sure you have the right support. Our stop smoking program provides that support. If you are ready to stop smoking, book an appointment online today. You can do it right at the top of this page. Or give us a call and we will set up an appointment for you. We look forward to treating you.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about our stop smoking program.

Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story
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Denver Acupuncture Stop Smoking Success Story
Denver Acupuncture stop smoking success story can encourage you to stop smoking. You just need the right support - acupuncture - to make it happen.
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