Denver Best Dietary Supplement

Denver Best Dietary Supplement

Are you struggling with your health? Do you get sick frequently? Feel tired most of the time? Do you have trouble sleeping? Is it difficult getting up in the morning? Have you lost motivation to exercise? Are you depressed? Do you get upset and stressed more easily? Do you feel bloated? Do you gain weight and have trouble losing it? Are you overwhelmed with how to eat healthy? Is there just not enough time to cook nutritious meals? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, we have an answer for you.

At Acupuncture Associates of Denver, we understand your struggle.  Dr. Jade is a fourth generation traditional Chinese doctor. She specializes in treating digestive system issues. Based on her thorough understanding of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture, she has created the Denver Best Dietary Supplement, a system of Chinese whole health medicinal cereals known as “Zhou Liao” aimed to improve your whole health. “Zhou” (pronounced “Joe”) is a Chinese word for hot cereal. But Zhou has far more ingredients than what we typically have in hot cereal. By combining whole grains, legumes, flowers, seeds, nuts, plant leaves, and plant roots, Zhou not only nourishes the body, it also treats disease. “Liao” simply means “healing” in Chinese.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement – How It Works

These unique Zhou formulas have been developed to improve your digestive function. Once improved, your body can transform the food you take into energy instead of excessive fat under the skin and around your belly. With abundant energy you will look forward to your daily activities. Eating Zhou will also help you relax at night and get a good night sleep, so you will feel ready to enjoy your life the next day.

Zhou strengthens your internal organs, so you can be more healthy a vibrant. The ingredients in these Zhou formulas change from week to week through the different seasons. If you are a patient at Acupuncture Associates of Denver, we can also tailor these Zhou formulas to your specific health issues to better serve you.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement – How To Use

Use these Zhou formulas to replace or supplement one or two meals a day. To use them as a breakfast cereal, simply add 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey or some salt for a healthy start. These Zhou formulas contain fiber and plant protein, giving you steady energy to keep you going until lunch time.

For a quick healthy lunch, bring a soup container full of Zhou and heat it up in the microwave. For dinner, you can eat Zhou with some lightly sauteed vegetables for an easily digestible meal to rejuvenate your body without overworking your digestive system. This way, you will feel satisfied without feeling bloated after dinner. When your body is properly nourished, you will no longer crave sweets or salty foods after meals. This will help you lose weight without even trying.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement – How To Prepare

Zhou is very easy to prepare. It takes the guesswork out of maintaining a balanced diet. Just add 7 cups of water to the contents of the package in a slow cooker overnight for 7 hours. This will make enough Zhou for a week’s worth of meals. Alternatively, you can prepare the Zhou on high in a slow cooker for about 5 hours. Store in the refrigerator. When ready to eat, just add some water, stir well and heat up in a saucepan or microwave until hot. Then you are ready to enjoy this well-balanced meal. You can also prepare Zhou in a pressure cooker for immediate use. Add the same amount of water, put in pressure cooker on high until boiling, then put on lowest setting on the stove to cook an additional 40 minutes.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement – What Health Problems Does It Help?

Weight Loss

: It helps people lose weight because it has ingredients to help digest food efficiently and boost the metabolism. It contains whole grains to keep you feeling full longer. It has balanced nutrients to help curb cravings and give you the satisfied feeling that prevents you from snacking on junk food.


It helps people sleep better at night. It is lighter and easier to digest, so it sooths your stomach at night. It has special ingredients to help you feel calm and relaxed. It helps you connected with your true inner self so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep.


It helps people with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions. It has no added sugar. It has balanced fiber and protein to sustain you sugar levels. It improves your digestive system, so you can digest sugar better.

Skin Issues

It helps people with skin issues. It reduces acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and skin rashes. It has ingredients to boost your body’s absorption ability, so you can absorb the nutrients in food and drinks. Your skin has problems only when your body is not properly nourished. When your body is nourished, your skin issues will lessen.


It helps people with asthma. People who suffer from asthma usually have issues with phlegm in the Lungs, causing coughing and wheezing. Zhou boosts your digestive system to transform phlegm so that your Lungs can function better. To that degree, any diseases caused by phlegm can benefit from eating Zhou.


It helps people suffering from fatigue and depression. It helps boost energy and eliminate toxins built up in the body. When your body is clean inside, you will feel lighter and be able to move out of fatigue and depression.


It helps prevent cancer and help to shrink cancer growth. Cancer is a scary word but it is nothing more than cells growing out of control. The cause of cancer from a Chinese medicine perspective is that your body does not eliminate phlegm efficiently and the energy in the body does not flow freely. These two mechanisms cause a decline in the body’s proper organ function which can lead to abnormal cell growth (cancer). These Zhou formulas improve phlegm elimination and increase proper energy circulation in the body, therefore helping to prevent cancer and helping cancer patients heal faster.


It helps women get pregnant and deliver healthy babies. Zhou cereal has ingredients that regulate and improve hormone levels. It improves blood circulation to the uterus and helps build the uterine lining. It helps to maintain and improve reproductive functions.


It lowers LDL Cholesterol levels. It contains whole grains that have plenty of fiber to lower LDL. It also contains food-grade Chinese herbs to help the body to lower LDL Cholesterol levels. That is why it also helps to keep the colon healthy.


It helps with arthritis. Arthritis is caused by dampness accumulated in the body. That is why most arthritis sufferers feel more pain on rainy days. These Zhou cereals have ingredients that boost the body’s function to transform dampness and eliminate inflammation. This helps reduce arthritis pain.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement – Buy Some Today!

You are what you eat. Let Zhou be a part of your healthy, balanced diet. For more information, or to order the Denver Best Dietary Supplement, please call 303-828-6522.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about Dr. Jade, creator of the Denver Best Dietary Supplement.

Denver Best Dietary Supplement
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Denver Best Dietary Supplement
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