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Jinmei Xu (Dr. Jade) – Practitioner at Acupuncture Associates


Dr. Jade is a founding member of Acupuncture Associates. She was trained in Beijing, China and the U.S. She is a fourth generation Chinese acupuncturist and nutritionist. She utilizes her family traditions and her own extensive knowledge to treat difficult, chronic, severe conditions.

Dr. Jade specializes in treating digestive issues, depression/anxiety/stress, sleep issues, women’s health, infertility, shoulder pain (frozen shoulder), facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), headaches/migraines, neck pain, dizziness/vertigo, joint pain, back and hip pain, etc. For a complete list please click here. She is nationally board certified and state licensed.

Here are some of her patients’ comments about her:

  • “Dr. Jade really helped me with my digestion problems: bloating, crazy cravings, slow digestion and weight gain. I lost 30 lb. I felt so good.”— Jennifer D.
  • “Dr. Jade helped me with my low energy. I was diagnosed with fibromyogia and chronic fatigue. Her treatment enable me to live a normal life again.” — Tifinie S.
  • “Dr. Jade is very gentle and her treatments are very effective. After her treatments, my menstrual cramping is gone.”— Linda W.
  • “Dr. Jade listens and understands my problems. She helped me with so many things: numbness in my hands, neck pain, insomnia, depression.”— Mark H.
  • “I can not believe that after 4 years of trying to have a baby and all those IVF cycles all I needed was treatment with you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” — Stephanie Z.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about Dr. Jade.

Mark Molinoff (Dr. Mark) – Practitioner at Acupuncture Associates


Dr. Mark is a founding member of Acupuncture Associates. He was trained in the U.S. and China. He comes from a family of physicians. He combines Western and Chinese medicine philosophies to effectively resolve difficult-to-treat diseases. His patients feel deep, life changing results.

Dr. Mark specializes in muscular-skeletal pain and sports injuries, arthritis, headaches/migraines, men’s health issues, depression and anxiety, sinus and allergy issues, shingles pain, insomnia. For a complete list please click here. He is nationally board certified and state licensed. Here are some patient comments about him:

  • “Dr. Mark is excellent! After getting acupuncture my knee pain is all better!”— Charles B.
  • “Dr. Mark takes such good care of me. My fibromyalgia is under control thanks to him. I look forward to my acupuncture treatment each week.”— Beth E.
  • “I was on pain killers for years. Dr. Mark was able to relieve the pain and get me off of the pills.”— Mary D.
  • “I had chronic neck pain for 20 years. Dr. Mark’s treatments completely resolved the pain. I highly recommend seeing him if you have neck pain.”–Jerry S.
  • “Dr. Mark’s treatment got rid of my foot pain (plantar fasciitis). I’m a long distance runner. After his treatments I was cured!”–Rita H.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about Dr. Mark.

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Acupuncture Associates - Meet The Practitioners
Acupuncture Associates - The practitioners at Acupuncture Associates are highly trained, with over twenty years experience, trained in China and the US.
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