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Denver Qi Gong Program

.Denver Qi Gong Program

Denver Qi Gong Program (Kai Xin Gong 开心功)

The Denver Qi Gong Program at Acupuncture Associates of Denver teaches a specific form of Qi Gong called Kai Xin Gong (开心功). Qi Gong is one of the five branches of Chinese Medicine, and has been practiced for thousands of years. Qi Gong has two components. The first involves movement, non-movement energy building, and health promoting exercises. Qi Gong has another component which involves working with the mind. Qi Gong is unique in healing because it connects the mind and the body to make a harmonious internal union. It harmonizes the organ systems while replenishing Qi, which in this context means vital energy. Kai Xin Gong specifically works to open the heart. Kai means open. Xin means heart. Once the heart is open, the mind is calm, the circulation of Qi and energy flow smoothly and freely, and one’s health is improved.

The Denver Qi Gong Program (Kai Xin Gong 开心功) is specially designed to open up your body’s 14 main meridians and secondary meridians in order to restore and improve health through movement, breathing and meditation. In Chinese medicine, when the Yin and Yang energy are balanced, the person is healthy. When all the channels are open and the energy is free flowing, a person can move freely and has no pain. So when Yin, Yang and the channels are in harmony, one can obtain optimum health. A healthy person then can have a harmonious life, which means having a satisfying career, a loving home life, peaceful and harmonious relationships with others, vibrant but rooted energy, and a prosperous future.

In our modern, fast paced lifestyle, the stress of work and endless competition makes it difficult to stay healthy, achieve a loving home and maintain relationships. The body is very resilient. It can take short periods of stress without showing symptoms and signs of wear. But if the stress continues, especially factoring in poor diet and sleeping habit, the body can break down faster.

Denver Qi Gong Program – The Solution

But, there is hope. In our clinic, we see a lot of cases of chronic migraines and headaches, insomnia, chronic pain in the body, emotional discomfort (anxiety, depression, sadness, irritability, outburst of anger), fatigue, irregular menstruation, stopped period, painful period, memory loss, vertigo/dizziness, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chronic ailments are the body’s way of calling attention to the fact that it has lost the ability to return to balance and health on its own.

We use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to resolve a lot of these condition. But sometimes, a person needs to learn how to live a balanced life and learn how to cultivate the healing energy to prevent the condition from returning and prevent new conditions from developing.

The Denver Qi Gong Program makes this ancient healing art of Kai Xin Gong available to our patients and the general public. Our goal is to restore your health and maximize your wellness, helping you to achieve a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Denver Qi Gong Program – The Cost

If you are a current patient, we offer a discounted rate of $30/session. If you are not our patients and would like to try Kai Xin Gong, the cost is $75/session. If you are in either our weight loss program or our second level depression/anxiety program, it is free for you.

The classes meet every other Saturday at 9AM. They run 45 minutes to an hour. You will learn gentle movement with modifications for people who need to do more or less. It will be gentle enough for everyone so that you will not get hurt, but challenging enough for everyone, so you always improve. You will learn breathing and meditative techniques that go with the movements to bring the mind and body together and to achieve a harmonious state, allowing you to cultivate Qi and health. There is a limit of 8 students, so if you think this is something that will benefit you, sign up as soon as you can by calling 303-828-6522 or you can email

Denver Qi Gong Program Best For Good Health
Denver Qi Gong Program Best For Good Health

Denver Qi Gong Program is best for achieving good health. Reduces stress, boosts immune system, increases energy. Safe, easy to learn, lasting results.