Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain Best!

If you have knee pain, come in for acupuncture. We can reduce your knee pain, and in many cases resolve it for good. The National Institutes for Health has conducted double blind studies showing that acupuncture works to resolve knee pain from arthritis. In addition, our own experience treating thousands of patients is that acupuncture resolves all types of knee pain. Read on to see how Denver Tech Center Acupuncture resolves knee pain.

Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain – How It Works

The most common types of knee pain include pain from arthritis, sports injuries (basketball, skiing, running, etc), and trauma from accidents (car accidents, mountain biking accidents). While each condition requires a different type of treatment, acupuncture is effective in resolving them all.

Arthritis in the Knee

Arthritis is defined as wearing down of a joint, resulting in pain. In the case of knee arthritis, patients have varying degrees of joint wear. In some cases, there is minor wearing of the cartilage. In others, the entire meniscus is worn away and the patient has a bone on bone situation. No matter how bad the damage, acupuncture brings relief.

Acupuncture resolves arthritis pain by increasing Qi and blood circulation to the joint, even in the case of bone on bone. Doctors may suggest knee replacement in these situations. But we encourage you to try acupuncture first. Even though you have bone on bone, acupuncture can relieve this type of knee pain. When circulation is restored, pain is resolved.

And believe it or not, once the pain is resolved, your knees will function fine. You are limping around from arthritis primarily because it hurts, not because the joint does not work. Get rid of the pain and your knee will get you where you need to go, be it through 18 holes of golf, on that 5 mile hike, or on a 50 mile bike ride.

Sports Injuries to the Knee

Sports injuries to the knees cause swelling, inflammation and damage to tissue, tendons and ligaments. Acupuncture significantly speeds the healing process of these injuries and resolves pain. It dramatically reduces swelling and inflammation, allowing the body to heal faster and more efficiently.

This is because acupuncture increases Qi and blood circulation in the area of the injury. Imagine a cave-in at an abandoned silver mine. The lower levels are completely blocked off. Acupuncture acts on the body to re-open those collapsed tunnels. The body wants to restore circulation, but is unable to do so on it’s own. Acupuncture enables the body to heal itself by re-opening areas blocked by injury.

Traumatic Injury to the Knee

Knee pain from a car accident or fall can be very painful. Get acupuncture as soon as possible following an accident to speed the healing time and reduce inflammation. Patients can heal 50% faster if they receive acupuncture during their recovery.

The healing process for traumatic injury is similar to sports injuries. Acupuncture rapidly increases Qi and blood circulation to the injured areas. This allows faster and more complete healing.

Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain – What To Expect

When you come in for acupuncture we will first examine you and assess your knee pain. We then create a treatment plan that will best address your situation. That very same visit you will receive your first acupuncture treatment.

The treatments are safe. We use sterile, single-use, hair thin needles. They are essentially painless. You will find the treatments very relaxing. Many patients fall asleep during their treatments. You will wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you have knee pain, book an appointment today. You can schedule your own appointment by clicking the BOOK NOW button on the top of this page. Or you can call us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. We look forward to treating you!

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Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain
Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain Best!
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Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Resolves Knee Pain Best!
Denver Tech Center Acupuncture resolves knee pain best! Treats knee pain from arthritis, sports injury and trauma. Safe, long lasting relief.
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