Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment

Do you find yourself thinking, “It doesn’t make sense that I’m so stressed out. I have a great life. Good job, wonderful family, active at church. Why am I not happy?”. You can have your life set up perfectly on the outside, but if there are imbalances on the inside, it is virtually impossible to enjoy it. Let the Denver Tech Center acupuncture stress relief treatment resolve the physical imbalances to fully restore your health. Then you can start enjoying the great life that you truly have.

Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment – How It Works

All the major negative emotions we feel have their root in our physical bodies. This includes stress, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness and grief. When you come for acupuncture, we identify the physical imbalances responsible for perpetuating these negative emotions. The treatments adjust your internal organs, harmonizing how they interact with each other. It’s like giving your organs a tune up so they function to their full potential.

When our organs are balanced and functioning properly, negative symptoms resolve themselves. This includes physical and emotional symptoms. For example, insomnia is triggered by organ imbalances. So are headaches. So are stress, anxiety and depression. In Chinese medicine, insomnia is often caused by something called Heart Blood Deficiency. Boosting Heart Blood with acupuncture resolves the difficulty falling asleep at night. Likewise, stress, anxiety and depression all stem from different root imbalances at the organ level. Proper diagnosis and treatment resolve these conditions as well.

Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment – Case Study

People struggling with difficult life situations are almost expected to have emotional problems like extreme stress, anxiety and depression. But these same negative emotions can affect us even when our lives are good and filled with blessings.

Here’s an example of how someone with a good life and no major crises can develop depression. Let’s say you’re a new mom. Your child is now 6 months old, and you’ve just gone back to the job you love. But instead of feeling happy, you’re feeling stressed out and anxious. There is a physical explanation for this. There are no deep rooted, unresolved emotional issues in your closet. Just some minor physical ones, ones that acupuncture is perfectly designed to address.

In this scenario, you are most likely suffering from what Chinese medicine calls Spleen Qi and Liver Blood deficiency, leading to feelings of stress and anxiety. This physical imbalance was caused by the loss of blood during delivery, continued loss of blood by breast feeding (Chinese medicine sees breast milk as associated with the blood), lack of sleep since your child was born, and general fatigue. By boosting your Spleen Qi and Liver Blood with acupuncture, you will feel better physically and emotionally. Your feelings of extreme stress and anxiety will be resolved.

Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment – What To Expect

If you are not feeling your emotional best, come in for acupuncture. The treatments are safe, relaxing and rejuvenating. We use sterile, single-use, stainless steel needles that are hair thin. You will hardly know they are there. Many of our patients fall asleep during their treatments. Let acupuncture help resolve these negative emotions and get you back on track to fully enjoying your life.

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Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment
Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment
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Denver Tech Center Acupuncture Stress Relief Treatment
Denver Tech Center acupuncture stress relief treatment works best. Resolves stress, anxiety and depression so you can fully enjoy your life.
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