Flu Season – Where Does Acupuncture Fit In?

Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. Many of our patients ask if acupuncture can help avoid getting colds and the flu. The answer is yes. Acupuncture boosts Wei Qi, which is a defensive protective barrier in our bodies. If your Wei Qi is strong, you can be surrounded by cold and flu virus and not get sick. Acupuncture is the best way to boost your Wei Qi and keep it strong all season long.

Flu Shots – Are They Necessary?

The question of whether to get a flu shot or not is loaded. We have patients who would never get a flu shot in a thousand years. They site research showing connections between flu shots and early onset Alzheimer’s, and a host of other ills. We have other patients who never miss a flu shot. They all want to know our opinion. Here it is.

If you don’t like the idea of the flu shot, and don’t mind getting the flu, then go ahead and skip it. For everyone else, we support the flu shot. Certainly for children and seniors, the risk of flu and the long term damage it can do outweighs in our mind any possible risk from the flu shot itself. And for the rest of us, it’s really a preference issue. Healthy adults will survive a bout of the flu. But do you really want to go through it if you can avoid it? In my case, I hate getting the flu. If I get sick I can’t work, treat my patients, take care of my family, or manage the endless things that need to get done all the time. Even if the flu shot reduces my chances of getting sick by 50% I’ll take the shot.

That being said, we totally respect our patients who choose not to get the flu shot. Many of them are low risk. They don’t spend a lot of time with children, they don’t interact with sick people, and can control their environment well. For them, we focus on building and sustaining their Wei Qi.

How To Build and Sustain Your Defensive Qi (Wei Qi) During Flu Season

All of our patients get Wei Qi boosts with each visit during flu season. This involves needling specific points to increase this very unique and specific form of Qi. A classic Wei Qi booster is the point called Stomach 36. It is located below the knee on the lateral side of the leg. Another important point for increasing Wei Qi is the point called Large Intestine 4, located on the hand near the thumb.

Building the Wei Qi is not only important during flu season, but also helps those who tend to get colds easily. They are getting repeated colds because their defensive Qi is weak, so every time they are exposed to cold virus they succumb and get sick. By building their Wei Qi they will break this cycle of sickness.

Stress and the Flu

As you probably know, stress makes everything worse. Stress finds the weak link in a person’s armor and lodges right there, aggravating conditions and generally causing trouble. If your stress levels are high during flu season you will be much more likely to get the flu. So getting acupuncture to reduce stress levels is a critically important factor in avoiding getting the flu. Acupuncture is the single best way to reduce stress levels. It’s better than Prozac and other SSRIs, better than a long vacation, better than reading your favorite book by the fireplace. CLICK HERE to watch a short video about how we treat people for stress.

Flu Season – What You Should Do To Prepare

If you’re open to getting the flu shot, go ahead and get it. Then get some acupuncture to boost your Wei Qi. Finally, make sure the acupuncture also treats you for stress, even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed. Let’s set the goal of not getting sick this flu season. Our time and energy will be better spent on our families, school, jobs and recreational activities.

Flu Season - Where Does Acupuncture Fit In?
Article Name
Flu Season - Where Does Acupuncture Fit In?
Flu season - where does acupuncture fit in? It boosts your immune system, lowers chance of catching colds and flu by strengthening Qi and reducing stress.

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