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Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver

Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功) is a special form of Qi Gong taught by Dr. Jade. Qi Gong is a general term for movement, non-movement energy building, and health promoting exercise. Qi Gong has another component which is working for the mind. Qi Gong is unique in healing because it connects the mind and body to create a harmonious, internal union.

Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver harmonizes our internal organs while replenishing Qi, which in this context means vital energy. Kai Xin Gong translates to “open the heart exercise”. Kai means open. Xin means heart. Once the heart is open, the mind is calm, the circulation of Qi and energy flow smoothly and freely, and one’s health can be improved. Gong means to exercise, to practice over and over again and take a long time to achieve self-cultivation and success.

Kai Xin together has another meaning in the Chinese language, to be happy, the deep rooted happiness that results from living in harmony with one’s own body, with other people, with nature and the rest of the world. Kai Xin is a feeling of contentment and abundance, knowing that you lack nothing.

Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功) is specially designed to open up our body’s 14 main channels and our secondary channels in order to restore and improve health through movement, breathing and meditation. In Chinese medicine, when the Yin and Yang energy are balanced, the person is healthy. When all the channels are open and energy is free flowing, a person can move freely and has no pain.

So when Yin, Yang and the channels are all in harmony, one can obtain optimum health. A healthy person can then have a harmonious life, which means having a satisfying career, a loving home life, peaceful and harmonious relationships with others, a vibrant and rooted energy, and a prosperous future.

The Challenge We All Face

In today’s world, our fast pace lifestyle, work stress and endless competition take a toll on our health. Our bodies are very resilient – they can handle short periods of intense stress without showing too much wear. But as stress continues, especially when you add poor diet and sleep habits into the mix, our bodies can start to break down. This is the breeding ground of disease. And even though lab reports may not show issues yet, our health has begun to decline, setting us up for bigger health problems in the future.

Solution For Long Lasting Health

But there is hope. It’s called Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功). In our acupuncture clinic, we treat a vast array of health conditions – chronic migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, emotional issues (anxiety, depression, sadness, irritability), fatigue, menstrual problems, infertility, memory loss, vertigo/dizziness, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, to name just a few. Health issues like these are the body’s way of calling out for attention, showing that it has lost the ability to heal itself. We use acupuncture and
Chinese herbal medicine to resolve these conditions. Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功)allows us to prevent disease from occurring in the first place. It helps us live a balanced life and cultivate our own healing energy.

This is why we have brought the ancient healing art of Kai Xin Qi Gong into our practice. Our goal at Acupuncture Associates of Denver is twofold. First we want to help our patients get better. Second, we want them to stay that way! We want our patients to live happy, purpose-filled lives, and that requires maintaining good health.

Everyone can benefit from Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功), but two groups will benefit the most. The first group are people who tend to work hard, want to achieve more, and like to have a competitive edge. The second group are more laid back people who happen to either work or live with people in the first group!

Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功)allows you to focus on a different area of the brain and heart that we typically ignore in our fast paced, industrialized society. It nourishes the inner, pure, natural part of ourselves. Through the practice of Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功), your natural self will grow and become more of the norm, so you can live more in harmony with the world and achieve longer lasting health and happiness.

Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功) – The Details

How much does it cost?

If you are currently a patient, you get a discounted rate of $30 per session. Non-patients are also welcome! Our regular price is $75 per session. If you are in our weight loss program or second level depression/anxiety program, sessions are free for you.

When does it meet?

Classes meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at 9:00am. The session is about 45 minutes long. Dr. Jade will spend an additional 5 to 10 minutes answering questions afterwards.

What will you learn?

You will learn gentle movement with modifications for people who need to do more or less. It will be gentle enough for everyone so that you will not get hurt, but challenging enough for everyone, so you will always improve. You will learn breathing and meditative techniques that go with the movements to bring the mind and body together. At the end of each class you will achieve a harmonious state, allowing you to cultivate Qi and health.

What should one wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Since the goal of Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver (开心功)is to open up the channels in the body, we do not want to restrict Qi flow in the channels with tight fitting clothing. Some of the movements have a big range of motion (for people who are flexible already), and we practice deep breathing, so loose clothing will allow you to move without restriction.

What is the class size?

Class size is limited to 8 people. So if you are interested in coming please sign up as soon as possible by calling 303-828-6522 or emailing qigong@denveracu123.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver Best Results For Good Health
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Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver Best Results For Good Health
Kai Xin Qi Gong Denver best results for good health. All classes taught by Qi Gong Master Jade to improve health, reduce stress and increase happiness.

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