Leg Pain Treatment Best With Acupuncture

Leg Pain Treatment

Leg pain treatment with acupuncture is the absolute best treatment for all types of leg pain. Common types of leg pain include sciatica, leg cramps, restless leg, IT band tightness, neuropathy, bursitis at the greater trochanter, and of course all types of traumatic injury to the leg.

Leg Pain Treatment and Acupuncture

Every case will require a customized leg pain treatment, as every situation requires a different focus. For example, sciatica causes severe pain in one of three pathways down the leg. It affects the back of the leg, the side of the leg and sometimes the front of the leg. It’s a nerve type pain. Why? Because the root cause of leg pain from sciatica is in the low back and hips. Typically a muscle spasm or bulging disc in the low back or hip puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. When this happens, nerve pain is felt down the leg. In many cases the only pain from sciatica is felt in the calf, even though the source is the hip. To treat sciatica effectively, we treat the low back, hip and leg, all together. The results are outstanding.

Another example of our leg pain treatment is restless leg. This pain is so common it has it’s own syndrome! Restless leg syndrome comes mostly at night when you are lying in bed. Your legs get a very uncomfortable restless feeling that makes you want to move around. In fact, getting up and walking around is one of the ways to ease the discomfort. Acupuncture’s leg pain treatment for restless leg once again looks to the root of the problem.

Restless leg syndrome is caused by Qi stagnation in the channels of the leg. The body has 14 main channels that run through the body from top to bottom. Qi flows through these channels, nourishing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs. When Qi is unable to flow smoothly through the channels, we experience pain and discomfort. Qi stagnation in different channels triggers different types of pain. When Qi does not flow properly through the channels of the legs is causes restless leg. So the best leg pain treatment is to open the channels of the legs (particularly the Stomach channel). When Qi begins to flow again, restless leg is resolved.

If you suffer from leg pain of any type, give us a call. We can explain how we would treat your specific condition. For an example, CLICK HERE to watch a video on how we treat sciatica.

Don’t wait another day. Call today or book your appointment online. The leg pain treatment with acupuncture has worked for thousands of our patients and we know it will work for you as well!

Leg Pain Treatment Best With Acupuncture
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Leg Pain Treatment Best With Acupuncture
Leg pain treatment with acupuncture is best to resolve pain. Safe, no side effects, long lasting results. Treats root issue of pain to resolve for good.

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