Relationship Problems Helped With Acupuncture

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems are guaranteed to come with all relationships. The key is not to let them define and destroy the relationship, but to build and strengthen it. Let’s face it. Humans are not easy to deal with. So spending a lot of time with another human is bound to create problems.

How Acupuncture Helps Relationship Problems

First, let’s define relationship problems. They are fights, arguments and disagreements between two people who are in relationship. That relationship can be a marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, it can be between family members (parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts), or between close friends. Long term relationships tend to breed long term relationship problems. We get stuck in patterns and end up repeating the same issues over and over again.

Here’s what’s interesting. Relationship problems and health problems are very similar. From a Chinese medicine perspective, pain in the body is caused by stagnation of Qi, which means that the Qi (energy) is not flowing properly through the body. Where it is stuck there is pain. Stuck patterns in relationships are also caused by stagnant Qi. And by moving the Qi in people who are in stuck places emotionally, they can get unstuck. Let’s face it. Relationship problems are painful, just like back pain or migraine headaches. Pain always points to Qi stagnation. Acupuncture is the antidote for Qi stagnation of all forms.

So let’s say you and your sister are having a long term relationship problem. It’s been causing the both of you pain for months or even years. You both come in for acupuncture. We treat you individually, based on the imbalances you present with in the intake exam. We also get both of your Qi’s moving better. You go home and intentionally tackle the issues behind the relationship problems. Something amazing happens. Because your Qi is moving and because you are more “in balance” from the acupuncture, the two of you are able to break through the stuck places much more effectively. It’s like night and day.

Now say there are relationship problems between you and your significant other, but your partner refuses to get acupuncture. So you come in on your own. We help get you in balance and get your Qi flowing. You feel much better physically and emotionally. When you approach your partner you will be more effective addressing the relationship problems. It won’t work as strongly as if both of you got treatment, but it will work a whole lot better that if neither of you got treatment.

If you are in a stuck place in an important relationship in your life, try acupuncture. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come together or come alone. Get your Qi moving and get in balance. You both deserve to be out of this pain, the pain of conflict. We are here to help.

CLICK HERE to watch a video about how we address relationship problems. We look forward to working with you.


Relationship Problems Helped With Acupuncture
Article Name
Relationship Problems Helped With Acupuncture
Relationship problems improved with acupuncture. Treating one or both partners helps overcome issues and achieve solutions for healthy strong relationship.

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