Springtime Brings Irritability – Don’t Let It Ruin Your Day

Springtime Brings Irritability

Spring is in the air. Days are warmer, the snow is quickly melting, and bulbs are starting to pop up from the ground. It’s a happy time of year, a time of new beginnings. Or so we thought… Little did we expect that springtime brings irritability!

Springtime Brings Irritability

Spring is also a time of heightened irritability. That’s right. Just when we expect to feel calm and peaceful, we feel more agitated. Don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, these feelings of irritability and agitation are due to nature’s affect on our bodies.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is associated with the Liver organ. And when the Liver is taxed, as it is in early Spring, it causes the Qi in our bodies to stagnate. This, in turn, triggers feelings of stress, irritability and agitation.

In fact, even our pulses get more “Livery” in the Springtime. Someone who is under high stress will present with what we call a “wiry” pulse, indicating that the Liver is not doing it’s job of keeping the Qi (body energy) flowing smoothly. In the Spring, most people have wiry pulses, regardless of their situation or constitution.

Springtime Brings Irritability – What To Do About It

There is an easy, effective solution for Springtime irritability. Get an acupuncture treatment to smooth the Liver function and move the Qi. It takes but one treatment to gently get the Qi moving properly again. As soon as it does, your emotions will relax and you will be able to enjoy the Springtime completely.

I have a number of patients who come in for maintenance treatments once a month. This week alone, six of them complained of feeling agitated “for no good reason”. That is exactly what Springtime will do to you. Make you feel agitated for no good reason. It’s nothing you have done, nothing anyone else has done to you.

Springtime Brings Irritability – Acupuncture Brings Relief

If you are feeling happy for Spring but slightly irritated “for no good reason”, come in for an acupuncture treatment. You will leave happier!

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how we treat springtime irritability.

Springtime Brings Irritability - Don't Let It Ruin Your Day
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Springtime Brings Irritability - Don't Let It Ruin Your Day
Springtime brings irritability, but acupuncture brings relief, easing agitation, irritability and stress. Safe, relaxing treatments, long lasting results.
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